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We are the Intellectual Property Law Firm in Myanmar, conducting Trademark Registration Services, Trademark Search and providing the complete information on how to register a Trademark in Myanmar.

We are also Patent and Design Law Firm, doing the Patent and Design Registration in accordance with the existing laws. We also have Intellectual Property Lawyers to protect the bonafide proprietorship of the Trademark against the infringer in case of litigation.

We are providing information and services as to the Rights of Intellectual Property in Myanmar. We are at your service. Welcome!


Trademark Registration in Myanmar

There is still no legislation on Trademark. However, in the vacuum of such law, we are doing the best to protect the IP rights in Myanmar. Despite the lack of IP Laws in the name of Trademark, it is protectable for a proprietor to register his trademark by means of the Declaration Deed as to the ownership of the mark, in conformity with the existing laws. It is registrable under section 18(f) of the Registration Act to obtain the legal ownership of the mark. To protect a TM mark legally, the followings are advisable:

  • Registration of Trademark at the Registration of Deeds Office, Yangon
  • Announcements  Cautionary Notices in daily newspapers for the awareness of the public and to remind the infringers.
  • Renewal of Registration for indefinite duration.
  • Putting the goods into the Myanmar Markets in order to be the first user of the mark.

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