Filing Procedure

We need a Declaration of Ownership of the Trademark for each trademark. If there is a logo or device or specimen of the mark, it is to be affixed as shown in the Form. To fill in the form, we need particulars such as name of the owner, designation, company's / Corporation's name, its location and country. The list of International Classes, known as Nice Classification, shall be mentioned completely. Class No. should also be described. There is no limit of number of classes for each trademark. 

The question of registering the service mark was raised. Still, the Registrar is now allowing such marks.

Summing up, you would need to file a Declaration of Ownership of Trademark at the Registration Office of Deeds, Yangon. As foreign clients could not appear before the registrar, his duly authorised Power of Attorney would be needed. You have to appoint a lawyer or lawyers as your attorney or attorneys. The POA must also be notarised and endorsed by the Myanmar Embassy in your home country. 

The registered Declaration of Ownership of Trademark will be returned to the applicant after three weeks, commencing from the filing date.

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